Application/How to Apply for ISBN

 How to Apply for ISBN

 In accordance with International ISBN Agency regulations, " Publishers should apply to their national ISBN Agency. So, if you are a publisher located in Taiwan, you would apply to the national ISBN Agency of Taiwan.

1.  Company/Organisation 

The applicant should submit a complete ISBN data sheet and include a clear copy of the typeset title page, copyright page, table of content, and preface or a portion of the main text. Other media forms must include a copy of the publication label.

Fax or mail to ISBN Center  

2. Individual  

The applicant should bring his/her passport or residence ID or permit and submit the application in person to the ISBN Center.   

3. ISBNs are applicable to:

1. Printed books and pamphlets

2. Atlases and maps  

3. Braille publications  

4. Audio books on cassette, or CD, or DVD (talking books)

5. Microform publications

6. Mixed media publications  

7. Electronic publications  

4. ISBNs are not applicable to:

1. Newspapers and magazines

2. Serial publications

3. Diaries and calendars

4. Advertising matters

5. Art folders without title page and text  

   6.  Music sound recordings

   7. Greetings cards

   8. Personal documents (such as curriculum vitae or personal profile)

   9.  Software that is intended for any purpose other than educational or instructional

 10.  Electronic bulletin boards

 11.  Updating websites

 12.  E-mails and other digital correspondence

 13.  Games

5. Application Fee 

   No application fee is required.