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Application/Application Form

Notes on Application for ISBN

  1. The assignment of ISBNs to published books is not a statutory requirement in Taiwan, nor is it related to or associated with copyright ownership.
  2. No application fee is required. ISBNs have no expiry dates, but they cannot be reused.
  3. According to the guidelines of the International ISBN Agency, ISBNs are assigned based on where the publisher operates its business. The ISBNs issued by the NCL are for use by publishers operating in Taiwan only.
  4. In general, the ISBNs will be sent by e-mail or fax or post within three to four working days to the Taiwan address specified in the application form, provided that the documents and information submitted by the applicant are in order and complete.
  5. ISBNs are not applicable to newspapers, magazines and periodicals, which fall under the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) system. For details, please visit the ISSN website ( https://www.issn.org ).
  6. ISBNs are non-transferable. The ISBNs issued by the NCL are for applicant’s use only. The ISBN and the corresponding publisher printed on a book should match with the records of the NCL.
  7. Any change of particulars should be notified to the NCL in writing. If a company/organization changes its business name or address, a copy of the updated copyright with the identification form should be sent to the NCL.

After a book is published, Article 15 of the Library Law requires that a copy be deposited in the National Central Library. Deposits can be sent to the Collection Development and Bibliography Management Division at National Central Library.

For further information, please call: (02) 2361-9132 ext. 139.

Registrant Element Application Form(doc)(odt)(pdf)

ISBN Application Form(doc)(odt)(pdf)